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Mac, A.K.A. Mcgoo.A main character in this strip, Mac is a fourth generation farmer whose family went from growing fruits and vegetables to selling them via a chain of grocery stores they now own. Mac is a fast paced yet a very easy going sort. He never get angry and has a propensity to destroy the English language. He has a natural love of animals and among his many pets is a squirrel monkey named Jocko and a talking parrot named Hector.

Richard Crabgrass, A.K.A. Dickweed. Richard is another "good ole boy". Like Mcgoo he loves NASCAR and Budweiser and when he's had a few, he tends to have a solution to all the world's problems. He's never meet a stranger and considers himself to be a ladies man. You will occasionally hear him speak of his little buddy Herman, which is how he refers to his male organ.

Becky . A true "southern belle" living off a trust fund left to her by her daddy. She's very sweet, polite and accommodating. Always bringing cookies and cakes to any one that might happen by the bench. She is a bit of a worry wort, afraid that the activities at the bench are going to get her in trouble, yet her paranoia doesn't stop her from enjoying the party.

Frank. Not his real name but what everyone calls him. He acquired the nickname from his brother who called him Frank after a retarded schoolmate they knew as youngsters. Frank is a very likable and intelligent fellow who is Mr Fix-it. He always has some type of project going on and is the guy the gang calls if one of their cars breaks down.

Tina, A.K.A. Miss Bitch. This young lady is a hottie and knows it. She dresses well and is the queen of the ball busters. She can be nice but this is usually only when she is trying to get something from one of the guys. which is most of the time. Although she is a preachers daughter she can get down and dirty with the best of them.

Shifty the classic "Nowhere Man" Shifty is a non-goal oriented individual whose favorite saying is "it can wait till tomorrow". He is in no hurry to get anywhere and has been working the same job since he was fourteen. His good looks and easy going personality make him a favorite with the ladies.

The Bench, created written and copyrighted © 2007 by C.E. Peters. All rights reserved. Contact: Chuck